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Amazon Fall Favourites - Early Access Prime Day Deals Part 1 of 2

Shop These Finds from Prime Day Early Access Deals October 11th and 12th!

Amazon Prime Day is something I look forward to all year - like many savvy shoppers I know! To make things easier I've scoured the deals to bring you a few of my favourites. Check out these deals for the Home from Early Access Prime Day Canada 2022. This is the first of two posts with the 2nd dropping tomorrow! Please note this post contains affiliate links and as an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

1. The Vitamix one 32 oz Blender: For anyone who has even used a Vitamix Blender to make your favourite smoothie - you know how smooth it is! This is an entry level Vitamix - more streamlined than the full-size machine but still oh-so-powerful. Get this machine at 43% off today and tomorrow only.

2. Mayfair Linen Egyptian Cotton Sheets: We all know by now the importance of getting enough quality sleep. It improves our overall health and empowers us to take on all life throws at us. Make getting your ZZZ's a little easier with quality, comfortable bedsheets. Feel the difference of 800 thread count comfort at almost 40% off.

3. Umbra Triflora Hanging Herb Planters: These super cute hanging planters are perfect for keeping fresh herbs at your fingertips all winter long. This piece, with its black metal hardware and clean lines, is a stylish addition to your modern farmhouse, or industrial modern home. 38% off today and tomorrow!

4. nuLOOM Moroccan Blythe Area Rug, 5' x 7' 5": This is a great deal on a good-sized area rug for your small living room or under your dining room table. This simple pattern with neutral colours is a trendy piece that will bring lightness and comfort to your space. *Remember: if placing this rug in your living space, you want at least all of the front feet of your furniture touching the rug. Don't be afraid to size up to make this happen!

This is a 25% off deal happening now.

5. Keonjinn 40" x 24" LED Bathroom Mirror: I love the LED light-up bathroom mirror trend! Not only is an LED mirror super functional, as it helps with makeup application and brings more light into your bathroom. It looks contemporary and sleek! This is an excellent way to modernize your bathroom space. 20% off, today and tomorrow through Prime.

6. DYHOME Nightstand Pair: This modern pair of bedside tables makes the list for its versatility in style. Clean lines, natural looking materials, an air of masculinity. These tables could sit next to a simple, contemporary platform bed or gray, tufted upholstered headboard. Get them this week for 20% off.

7. KANARS Whiskey Glasses: This is a simple way to class up your dining room sideboard. Display a set of crystal glass wear with your favourite bottle of spirits on a simple metal tray in your dining room or bar cart. Finish the sideboard decor with a vase of eucalyptus, pampas grass, or dried flowers to balance out the other side. 20% off today and tomorrow.

7. Dried Pampas Grass Bouquets: I'm rounding out today's list with a complimentary piece to the above item - the pampas grass! This is a wonderful Autumn decor piece that can be used anywhere - in an overside vase in your foyer, as a soft texture to add to your bedroom floating shelves, or as mentioned above - a compliment to your super classy dining room sideboard. Pick up one or ALL of these through Amazon at 40% off.

These are just some of the fabulous finds I found for your home through Amazon Prime Early Access Deals. Get online and find those trendy items you need in your life today! Check back tomorrow for a second Prime Day Early Access guide filled with some of my favourite deals. Thanks for reading!

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