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Summer 2022 Interior Design Trends

Updated: Jun 16, 2022

School is almost out, the days are getting longer, Summer is on it's way. This is a perfect time to switch up some of your interior décor to match your fresh Summer vibes. Read on to see tips and trends to suit every design style this season.

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Incorporate the Use of Natural Materials

Natural materials used in the interior can add warmth and authenticity to your space. Think cane and rattan furniture, jute rugs and ottomans, oversized clay pots, and woven textiles. These kinds of pieces work well in rustic, boho, casual, West Coast, modern, and industrial style interiors. For bonus points, try shopping furniture or accessories made from easily renewable resources such as mango wood and bamboo.


Indoor plants
Add More Living Plants to Your Design

We have been talking about biophilic design, and the importance of incorporating living plants in our spaces all year long. It's a trend that will continue, I think not only for the aesthetic benefits of adding greenery, but for the many positive effects plants can have on our environment and mental well being. Many plants can purify the air in our homes naturally by absorbing toxic substances from the atmosphere. According to recent studies, including live plants in the interior décor of our homes and work spaces can increase productivity by improving one's mood and increasing one's mental focus. Tip: create a 'vignette' in a corner of your home by using plants of varying heights, shapes, sizes and shades.


Don't Be Afraid of Big, Bold Patterns

One of the easiest ways to update your décor with the changing season is to switch out your accessories and textiles. Big and bold patterns are in this year - especially floral, foliage, and tropical motifs. Don't be afraid to experiment with bright colours and patterns - just pick one or two colours or patterns to compliment your walls or big furniture items such as your sofa. Tip: You can absolutely mix patterns when picking pillows or accent pieces. To keep things from looking CRAZY, try to keep the patterns within the same overall colour palette. This will ensure they will still work harmoniously with each other, and and will not compete for visual attention.


Fall For Shades of Green

Green is hot this year, according to many designers and paint suppliers such as Dulux, Benjamin Moore, and Behr. With green being such a fresh, and revitalizing hue, it's easy to blend seamlessly into Summer décor. Use a muted tone on your walls, or paint your cabinetry in a shade of green for a bold update. Not ready to take that leap? Bring in pops of green with your textiles, towels, art pieces, or décor accessories. Did you know? Green is known to be a calming colour, because it is easy on our eyes. Green promotes growth and healing, and is commonly used as a paint colour in bedrooms, nursery's, hospitals, and day spas.

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